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Poster reports on paper
The exhibition stands are designed for posters of A1 size (594 х 841 mm) in the upright layout. You can supply your poster report with A4 hand-outs (copies of A1 poster), which will be available near the poster stand for the participants of the event. The poster stands will be titled according to the order of the reports in the Programme.
The text on the poster reports must be visible from the distance. We recommend that you use font size 60 for headings, and font size 20–24 for paragraph text. Visual materials (figures, charts, etc.) must be no less than A5 size (15х20 mm). The numbering must be from top to bottom. In case the information on the poster is presented in 2 columns, please number the left column first, then the right column. For titles of figures and text on figures and graphs please use font size 20.
Online poster reports (to be published on the Symposium's website)
Layout of the title slide:
  • Title of report
  • Author(s) of report
  • Work place and job title
  • City, country
  1. Online poster reports must be submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint document.
  2. In the presentation, please use the standard fonts that are available by default in the Windows download package.
  3. For headings please use font size 20, for paragraph text – font size 16.
  4. The optimal word amount per slide is 10–15 words.
  5. The text on the slides must be supplied with figures or graphs.
  6. Requirements to visual materials (see item 4):
  • High resolution: at least 600*600px (there must be no pixels or blurring)
  • No water marks or other inscriptions
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