May 18–20, 2023
  • Developing professional human resources for a modern city

  • Network communities as a tool to develop education quality

  • Training and professional development of a modern teacher

  • Professional development and tutorship for beginning teachers

  • Career tracks in education
Professional development, urban context
Discussion tracks
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  • University and urban communities

  • University research, university as an institute for development of research competencies

  • University as popular science communicator

  • University as a driver for the development of social and humanitarian practices
  • Urban cultural environment and the citizen

  • City as a resource for learning and development

  • Megapolis cultural environment as a space for the implementation of innovative humanitarian projects

  • Child and adult in a city

  • Educational institutions and quality of living in a city

  • Lifelong learning in a modern city – educating citizens to improve the quality of life
Learning environments of a city
University as a platform for dialogue
Participants registration
To participate as a speaker, please fill in the application form before April 1, 2023


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