April 18-20, 2024
Speakers 2024

Gallery 2024

  • A city as a source for learning and development
  • Incorporating urban issues into university’s training programmes
  • A child and an adult in a city
  • A cultural environment of a city and a citizen
  • Educational institutions and quality of living in a city
  • Lifelong learning in a city – citizen education to boost the quality of living
  • The linguistic landscape of a city
  • Internationalisation of the city space
  • University as a driver of social and humanitarian practices
  • Social entrepreneurship practices of city universities
  • Leadership and city changes
  • Rights to the City
  • Citizens as drivers of city change
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • AI for cyber security of the younger generation
  • The partnership between university, business, public and state institutions
  • Digital urban studies and city analytics
  • A human in a city: research data
  • Skills for CityChangers
  • Digital simulators for learning
  • University as a science promoter
  • AI and other digital solutions for education
The learning space of a city
  • Development of the professional human capacity in a modern city
  • Network communities as a tool for quality education development
  • Training and professional development of a modern teacher
  • Professional development and mentorship of newly employed teachers
  • Career tracks in education
Professional development, city context
The cultural environment of a big city as a space for innovative humanity-oriented projects
University as a centre for urban research
Discussion tracks 2024
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