Second international symposium
«Education and City:
participation practices»
May 16—18, 2019
8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya,

Sustainable partnership and exchange of best practices are vitally important for any field in the present-day world. Education is no exception.

Successful partnership between universities and cities provides new educational practices, improves social and cultural environment, and promotes development of educational systems.
Topics for Discussion:
participation of children, parents and teachers in education and play space design
participation of children, parents and teachers in creating education program
participation of University in city life (education programs for cities, research work for cities, design of urban spaces, participation in creating city sociocultural environment)
participation of city and city dwellers in forming education and scientific agenda of university
The practices of participatory design (participatory practices) are supposed to be discussed at various levels:
Co-organizers of the Symposium are Moscow City University (Russia), Dublin City University (Ireland) and University of Taipei (Taiwan)
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More for participants
Igor M. Remorenko

Russia, Moscow
Rector of Moscow City University (MCU)

Joe O'Hara

Ireland, Dublin
Professor of Institute of Education, Dublin City University

Svetlana N. Vachkova

Russia, Moscow
Director of Institute of System Projects, Moscow City University

Igor B. Shiyan

Russia, Moscow
Deputy director of Institute of System Projects, Head of the Laboratory of Child Development,
Moscow City University
Loredana Perissinotto

Italy, Venice
President of an Italian national association "Agita", actress, theatre director, expert in theatre

Claudio Facchinelli

Italy, Milan
Adviser to the Ministry of education, universities and scientific research of Italy, essayist and theatre critic

Iwona Agnieszka Massaka
Poland, Torun
Professor, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun

Irina V. Arzhanova

Russia, Moscow
Executive director, National Training Foundation

Natalya V. Tyurina

Russia, Moscow
Head of the Office of projects in education and social fields,
Russian Information Agency "Novosti"

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