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The Battle: how architecture, design and pedagogy manifest themselves in the city

On August 25 within the framework of the 4th Annual International Symposium “Education and the City: Quality Education for Modern Cities”, a battle “Design, architecture and pedagogy in urban environment” will be held.

MCU’s master’s students will gather for a battle to discuss the topic of urban educational infrastructure: in what way architecture, design and pedagogy manifest themselves and how all these three components are interconnected.

Elena Volkova (Russia) will open this event with the report dedicated to educational online environment which is chosen by parents. Alexander Bystrov (Russia) will offer his view on visualization as a predictor of the success of mastering history and social studies in the conditions of distance learning. Anton Agapov (MCU, Russia) will speak of approaches to studying the urban environment quality. The discussion will be based on mental maps of students ‘ educational routes.

Anna Startseva (Russia) will continue the battle with a report concerning the playback theater possibilities and the methods of the integral circle in education. Anna Stepanenko (Russia) will feature the design of a subject-spatial environment for students with ASD (autism spectrum disorders) in an educational organization delivering inclusive education. Natalia Konstantinova (Russia) will introduce students to how research abilities of older preschoolers are developed through the organization of a game environment in the classroom of visual activities.
Elena Ivanova, head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures of MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, will moderate the battle.

Links to broadcasts are available in the program on the Symposium’s website.