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Multicultural School: a cross-country study

On August 24 within the framework of the 4th Annual International Symposium: “Education and the City: Quality Education for Modern Cities“, a mini-symposium will be held featuring speakers from Ireland, Austria, Spain, and Russia. The researchers will discuss the hindering and facilitating factors of integrating students with a migration background in the educational system.

The discussion will present the Erasmus+ project CRELES (Culturally Responsible Leadership and Evaluation in Schools) aimed at analyzing culturally responsive practices in schools of Ireland, Austria, Spain, and Russia. The keynote speakers include Martin Brown (Dublin City University), Herbert Altrichter (Johannes Kepler University), Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger (University of Innsbruck), Daria Milyaeva, Igor Shiyan, Natalia Ageeva (MCU), and others. Natalia Ageeva, a specialist of the MCU’s International Relations Department, will moderate the plenary session.

The following aspects of the research will be discussed at the mini-Symposium:
  • Presentation of the CRELES project: the importance of inclusive culturally responsive education in the VUCA-world.
  • Conceptual framework: key facilitating and hindering factors of CRL in schools.
  • Comparative study: the results of the opinion survey of school leaders.
  • Discussion and conclusion: defined trends of culturally responsive education.

The Q&A session will conclude the mini-symposium.

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The full program of the Symposium is available here.