The media space of the educational sphere as a logistic system: features of management and personality formation

Denis Ermolatiy (Russia), Kirill Pitelinskiy (Russia), Marina Saltykova (Russia)

Development of digitization (including education) leads to difficulties in management and regulation of important multidimensional dynamic social economical systems, where problems of efficient management occur requiring for interdisciplinary approach and active application of information technologies and computers. It is required to develop new methods of risk management (in the fields of national security, personal security), since information nonmilitary action as the most important hazard of hybrid wars is precepted as motion along the road of progress, democracy, tolerance. The research objective implies search and implementation of optimum management of stepwise digitization of education by means of monitoring and reconfiguration of digital platforms as elements of global logistic system (with consideration for consciental risks). Targets include analysis of features of dynamics and management of digitization of educational platforms in relation with maturity of social institutions, COVID-19, ecology of information space, degree of informatization of society, role and composition of mental structures, etc.; detection of factors influencing dynamics of persons and social institutions involved in education. The interrelation between digitization of education and development of educational platforms has been described. The conclusions have been made about the advantages and disadvantages of management formed by analogy with management of dynamic processes running on classical logistic systems. Recommendations have been given on how to reduce the dependence of a human on behavioral stereotypes imposed by various algorithmic energy information structures. In the frames of community, this would provide productive existence in unique personal space, efficient communication with surrounding people together with preservation of mentality and self- consciousness, cultural and national identity.