The online forum as a place of exchange of professional experience for russian and polish teachers

Elena Asmakovets (Russia), Sławomir Koziej (Poland)

In the modern world, many aspects of social and professional life are transferred to the Internet. This also concerns the everyday functioning of teachers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study conducted sought to determine what professional problems involve teachers who seek solutions in the virtual space. The aim of the study was to explore, describe and elucidate the matter examined. In order to explicate the current state of affairs, the following research problem was formulated: what professional issues are discussed by Russian and Polish teachers on online forums? The method for finding the answer to this question was an analysis of the content published on online teacher forums. As revealed by the analysis, the participants of online discussions raise various topics, related to the economic aspect and the prestige of the teacher profession, and everyday functioning at school as an educational and formational environment. The scope of subjects discussed proves to be fairly broad. The research showed the principal interests of Russian and Polish teachers with regard to the topics raised, and confirmed that online forums are an appropriate place to hold discussions, especially in the times of limited direct contact. Participating in online discussions allows teachers to search for answers to questions related to their profession, express their opinions on professional matters, and obtain legal advice or advice on the management of the education process.