Social PR campaign in promoting sustainable education within urban environment

Polina Sergienko (Russia), Alla Minyar-Beloroucheva (Russia), Olga Vishnyakova (Russia), Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Russia)

The article reveals social PR campaign particularities aimed at raising awareness of the citizens in the urban environment. For the first time PR campaigns dealing with the urban environment decoration devoted to commemorative events, environmental protection measures, and social issues are investigated from the position of education for sustainable development. The urban area implies the encouragement of refashioned, renovated, changed, restructured and reconstructed environments necessary for edutainment of the citizens. It means that the analysis of the urban area focuses on the study of themes dealing with history, art, urgent domestic social issues and the problems of the natural environment. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a perfect opportunity to give knowledge in the ‘soft’ way to the citizens, in addition to traditional ‘hard’ education within the urban environment. The methods used during the work on the article are comprehensive. They include observation, analysis, synthesis, description and interview. As a result of the study of the stated issues, the following conclusion was made. Urban area is an ideal platform to arouse the interest of its citizens by means of the thematic adornment of the city that expands their knowledge, makes them more persuasive and thus fosters the improvement of their behaviour. Information perceived laterally is better remembered and stored longer in memory. The citizens become more susceptible to any information offered to them by the officials of the city.