Study of the parental assessment of the adaptation of first-graders with health limitations to the educational organization, considering the features of the urban environment

Zhanna Zhuravleva (Russia), Anna Pavlova (Russia), Angelina Mironova (Russia), Viktoryia Hamanovich (Republic of Belarus)

Admission of a child to an educational organization is a difficult period for him. What should be considered when creating an educational environment at school and home? What determines successful adaptation of first-graders to new academic activities, which require from child certain knowledge about the world, good visual-motor coordination, possession of mental operations, planning skills and self-regulation of behavior, verbal communication, and the manifestation of volitional efforts to fulfill educational tasks? The successful adaptation of a child largely influences his further socialization. Modernization of education, aimed at ensuring its accessibility, individualization, and differentiation, creating conditions for achieving new contemporary quality of primary level of general education, leads to heterogeneity in the composition of pupils in terms of their psychophysical development. This complicates the adaptation of both first- graders with health limitations (HL) and children with regular development. Attracting intellectual and socio-cultural resources of the city in education, socialization, and adaptation of children with HL to new social conditions are becoming an urgent issue. The purpose of the research is to study the parental assessment of adaptation of a first-grader with HL to the educational organization in the urban environment. The authors of the article compiled a questionnaire for parents to determine the features of adaptation to the school life conditions of their children. The article presents the analysis results of the conducted survey. Research methods include quantitative assessment and qualitative analysis of the survey, as well as content analysis of relevant literature sources. The present research is caused by the insufficient theoretical study and practical development of issues related to the adaptation of first-graders with HL by parents.