Culture of an inclusive educational organization as an indicator of the quality of education in a contemporary metropolis

Julia Shulekina (Russia), Diana Novikova (Russia), Madina Abayeva (Kazakhstan)

In modern realities, the design of conceptual aspects of educational inclusion is the actual research problem. The key concept for the formation of an inclusive platform of an educational organization is “organizational culture” which is understood as the result of the complex integrative interaction of the educational process participants and various learning environments created in the space of educational organizations of megacities. The purpose of the present study is to substantiate the need to support and develop organizational culture by different participants, including pupils with health limitations. This naturally removes the restrictions on any kind of support, care, and accompaniment that children with developmental disabilities can receive in an inclusive educational organization to achieve social and academic success. The review presented in the article is based on the analysis of several significant scientific and practical studies on the concerned problem. Following this goal, the article reveals the conditions for building, as well as trends in the development of an inclusive culture in educational organizations, which is necessary for the effective inclusion of the latter in a broader inclusive educational environment. The article emphasizes that different actors need different training to implement organizational culture, which significantly affects the involvement of different learning environments as an incubator in such training. The authors carried out the analysis of the Russian and Western models of organizational culture. Based on the data of foreign studies, the authors show the characteristic features of the European model of an organizational inclusive culture, as well as list the basic principles necessary to form an organizational culture included in the inclusive practice of an educational organization in the Russian Federation.