Additional professional education in a region as an indicator of its quality

Marina Aldoshina (Russia), Svetlana Artamonova (Russia)

The problem of transformation in the field of education and educational services is actualized by a wide range of concerned parties (specialists, parents, managers, government representatives). The innovative development vector has emerged also in the field of education through numerous upgrades and reforms (implemented and announced) focused on consideration of the specific socio-cultural features, such as sanitary and epidemiological situation, technologization, and digitalization of education, upgrading of the ethnic and cultural identity of regions in the context of growing migration flows and growth of the ethnic factor in the personality’s upbringing. The methodological background of the present research is based on the competence approach. The article presents an analysis of scientific research on the issue of pedagogical professional competence as the main resource that provides innovative processes and prospects for the development of additional education; highlights the essential characteristics of the concept of professional competence of a teacher, which are focused on the system of additional education through participation in project activities. The article substantiates the necessity of forming the professional competence of a teacher of additional education in innovative practices of contemporary technological society, modeling a new educational infrastructure capable of creating modern training resources in regional systems of additional education. The innovative experience of implementing the Federal project "Success of every child" of the national project "Education" aimed at creating new vacancies in the system of additional education for children of the Orel Region is considered for the first time. The authors contemplate the practices of additional education that are in demand among parents and students and are provided by the Quantorium Technopark in the city of Orel.