Optimization of social functioning quality of preschool children with cerebral palsy

Irina Levchenko (Russia), Tat'yana Volkovskaya (Russia), Tat'yana Skrebets (Russia), Yelena Lemekh (Republic of Belarus)

Among the children with violation of supporting-motor apparatus, the largest group is comprised of those with cerebral palsy (CP). The lack of diagnostic toolkit adequate to pedagogical tasks does not allow to examine such children from the point of view of educational capabilities and socialization. The aim of research is development and scientific substantiation of innovative technology of pedagogical examination of preschool children with CP, aimed at differential evaluation of their educational capabilities and determination of specificity of educational demands. Analysis of the experimental results has allowed to formulate a set of conclusions determining scientific novelty of the research: educational potential of preschool children with CP is characterized by indicators of different levels, which stipulates variability and specificity of demands of psychological and pedagogical support; educational capabilities of preschool children with CP can be manifested at optimum, medium, low, critical levels, each of which is characterized by similar patterns irrespective of age; during the research no direct correlation between the manifestation rate of motor disorders of preschool children with CP and the level of their educational capabilities has been revealed; the educational potential of preschool children with CP significantly depends on the manifestation rate of intellectual disabilities stipulating features of mental development and is not correlated with the severity of motor impairment; the obtained experimental results have allowed to reveal peculiarities of educational capabilities of preschool children with CP, which is the key point in development of individual remedial programs; differentiation of preschool children with CP on the basis of level-driven approach allows to optimize the content of psychological and pedagogical assistance and the selection of remedial actions.