Film club as a tool for developing the culture of experience among parents

Tatyana Klimova (Russia), Anastasia Rossinskaya (Russia)

While observing the difficulties that parents experience in communicating with their adolescent children (for example, ignoring, misunderstanding, or underestimating the problems faced by teenagers, inability to build trust-based relationships, difficulties in discussing complex topics of interpersonal relationships, life choices, school problems, selfdetermination, etc.), the authors emphasized the need to search for methodological tools that can help overcome these problems of intergenerational communication through developing the culture of experience among parents. A film club for parents was chosen as a method. 30 parents of children (4-20 years old) watched a German TV series DRUCK (based on a Norwegian TV series SKAM) in Moscow from January to December 2020 offline and online. The functioning of this club was built over the methods of polylogue, non-judgmental interview, and amplification of sense. Observations, questionnaires, and interviews of the club members at the end of meetings allowed the authors to conclude the effectiveness of such a format for developing the culture of experience among parents and improving intergenerational relations. It was also proved that teen series have a great potential for developing the culture of experience among parents since they address topics relevant for teens and help observe the emotions and behavior of teens in a psychologically safe environment. Based on the study results, the authors developed methodological recommendations for organizing such film clubs and holding meetings for parents.