International cooperation in the development of national educational programs for quality assessment and measurement

Kosherbaeva Aigul (Kazakhstan), Kosherbayeva Gaziza (Kazakhstan)

The priority direction of modern education around the world is to ensure its high quality, based on the fundamental nature of knowledge and the development of students' creative competencies. Simultaneously, the factors determining new requirements for the assessment and measurement of the quality of education are becoming more obvious and relevant. The setting of such tasks today is aggravated by the processes of globalization, which require collective intelligence, the consolidation of knowledge and world experience, considered as one of the effective ways of developing national educational systems. In this regard, a master's program for measuring and evaluating the quality of education in a network form was implemented with the participation of the Moscow City University and Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University. It is worthy of highlighting that Kazakhstan needs specialists in the field of education quality assessment and pedagogical measurements. The Institute of System Projects at Moscow City University. has enough experience and is also known to be an expert in this industry. Therefore, an agreement on the exchange of this experience was signed bilaterally. Thus, the master's program has changed the educational process of the main pedagogical university of the country. New aspects of cooperation between the two major universities have been opened.