Complex psychological, pedagogical, medical and social adaptation of adolescents at risk as a strategy for the development of the city educational potential

Kseniya Vorobyova (Russia), Marina Mishina (Russia), Svetlana Feoktistova (Russia)

With the aim of considering an important socially significant problem of adaptation of orphan adolescents prone to deviant behavior, the authors conducted a study of their personal characteristics on the basis of the educational institution Sinyaya Ptitsa. Sinyaya Ptitsa (Blue Bird in English) (Moscow region, Stupinsky district) is one of the first orphanages for children and adolescents in Russia. Sinyaya Ptitsa is a stationary institution that implements a set of measures for the social rehabilitation of children and adolescents. Orphan children and adolescents, who were left without parental care, temporarily live in the institution, where specialists provide them with comprehensive social, psychological, pedagogical, medical, and social aid. The respondents underwent psychodiagnostic examination and questioning in accordance with the tasks set. The results of this study allow to draw up a psychological portrait of an adolescent from a deprived background with deviant behavior, who has a file in the juvenile delinquents' room. Their physical and indirect types of aggression are normal but close to a high level, there is a readiness to manifest negative feelings at the slightest excitement, which prevents cooperation with others, they are inclined to provoke conflicts and often use a coping strategy for solving problems in a stressful situation, in an attempt to effectively overcome a problematic life situation. This study has allowed to identify the specifics of the personal characteristics of orphan adolescents, the knowledge of which increases the level of competence and educational potential of teachers. The psychological work on the prevention of deviant behavior in adolescents will allow to improve the quality of life of the younger generation in the metropolis in the future.