Criteria for the effectiveness of teaching technologies in modern practices of professional training of teachers

Irina Krishtofik (Russia)

The study presents results of the “Study of the features of the influence of teaching technologies at a university on the formation of professional competencies of students and graduates of a pedagogical university”, carried out based on the Moscow City Pedagogical University in 2018-2019. The prerequisite for the study is a situation when education is increasingly beginning to be built around requests from the future, in which people study all their lives and act in a constantly changing world. Therefore, the educational process in a modern pedagogical university is focused on such requirements as complexity, adaptability, practicality, integration into society and the economy, and focus on the needs of students and their future employers. In a university that implements an innovative teaching model, a variety of teaching technologies are used; teachers have the right to freely choose the forms and means of teaching, in connection with which the problem of the effectiveness of the use of teaching technologies is actualized. One of the purposes of the study is to identify criteria for the effectiveness of teaching technologies in the process of forming the professional competencies of future teachers. As a result of the use of survey methods, content analysis, focus groups, and case analysis, 12 criteria were identified: feasibility of using teaching technology, flexibility in application, portability of practice, development of pedagogical thinking, development of soft skills, focus on “self-processes” and “proprocesses”, interactivity, practical orientation, as well as digitalization, resource intensity, and efficiency. The results make it possible to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching technologies in the practice of training future teachers. The novelty of the work and its results are determined by an original approach to identifying criteria for the effectiveness of learning technologies in the educational process of a pedagogical university.