Development of professional metacompetence of teachers in the process of mastering cloud technologies

Tatiana Nadolinskaya (Russia), Svetlana Rossinskaya (Russia), Maria Dyadchenko (Russia), Yulia Trofimenko (Russia), Viktoriya Anokhina (Russia)

Literature review of works by Russian and foreign scientists has been performed aiming at reveling essential properties of professional competence of teachers as the competence of the highest level. Course training program has been described, which is comprised of three modules covering urgent issues and technologies of media education, monitoring of quality assessment and efficiency of mastering program, various examples of electronic education products, publications, electronic resources and thesaurus of key notions. The results of the performed studies have been the disclosing of the notion essence of professional metacompetence of teacher, which is expressed in readiness to solve professional tasks under the conditions of mediatization of education system. On the basis of the experimental results, the efficiency of software and methodological support of development of professional metacompetence of teachers has been proved and reflected in diagrams. Therefore, it has been concluded that the development of professional metacompetence of teachers allows to apply interactive forms of education in various online learning environments and provides professional training of teachers of higher quality aiming at independent solution to education problems in the changing educational environment. Recommendations have been given for application of cloud technologies for activation of teacher’s activity in monitoring and estimation at various levels of education.