School students’ posture: parents’ view

Irina Ryabova (Russia), Tatyana Sobolevskaya (Russia), Natalya Nezhkina (Russia), Nataliya Mirskaya (Russia)

One of the most discussed problems today is the postural hygiene of school students. The article reports the results of a questionnaire survey on perceptions and awareness about risk factors, postural health, and pro-health behaviors of children. The study aims to understand what parents know about correct posture and how they participate in the preservation of children's postural health. The results of the survey show that most parents have a correct awareness about signs of correct posture, walking, and sitting and also understand the importance of the way children wear school bags and correctly selected clothing and shoes. However, the answers to questions about children's health-oriented behavior indicate that children do not spend enough time in the fresh air outside of school and ignore outside physical education classes and morning exercises and also demonstrate a low level of parents' control of correct posture in various activities of children. At the same time, the respondents are ready to obtain knowledge and pay attention to this issue. The results of the questionnaire confirm the need to organize training and methodological support for teachers and parents in issues of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the formation of correct posture in children.