Teacher burnout and opportunities to increase the human resources of urban schools

Lyubov Starostina (Russia), Valentina Yegorova (Russia), Yegor Nikolayev (Russia), Viktoriya Shamayeva (Russia)

The article presents a research review on the problem of teacher burnout syndrome and the human resources of general education institutions in connection with the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard (FSES). Researchers note an increase in the proportion of teaching staff at risk of emotional burnout at work, as well as professional deformations of the teacher's personality. The article substantiates the relevance of consideration of management issues related to the development of the human resources of educational institutions through the prism of effective interaction of managers with the teaching staff and the teacher's personality in the context of preventing their emotional burnout. The abundance of research on the problem of burnout indicates the continued interest of scholars of humanities and natural sciences for quality of life, psychological health, personal and professional development of teachers of general education schools designed to act as carriers of new ideas and innovative technologies, the moral and socio- economic transformation of society. The authors consider the concepts associated with the development of human resources, making the main emphasis on the role of the human factor, and the reserves of the teacher's personality, propose to create a kind of Internet platforms in each city, namely, virtual pedagogical sites as an alternative to motivating pedagogical creativity, as well as offer systematization of various burnout factors and prevention measures.