Using interactive technologies to improve the quality of humanitarian education in a metropolis

Olga Shakirova (Russia), Tatyana Stebliy (Russia), Nina Kozyavina (Russia), Olga Gorbunova (Russia), Olga Pavlovskaya (Russia)

Modern society presents high requirements to the quality of humanitarian education, and one of the methods of optimization is the use of interactive education technologies. Formation of the system of teacher’s domination in implementation of active learning methods (ALM) is based on the development of meaningful components of own subject experience, representing continuous and purposeful process, the active use of which is an expression of independence and educational activity. In the metropolis environment, the degree of development of each component of the subject experience and their ratio between each other determine the teacher’s ability to construction and subsequent implementation of own educational route. The research objective was to develop a model of ALM selection for humanitarian education in metropolis and estimate it experimentally with consideration for existing level of development of subject experience of teachers of higher education. The research was based on theoretical (analysis of psychological and pedagogical scientific publications, regulatory documents, state educational standards, simulation, analysis and generalization of pedagogical experience) and practical (monitoring, expert appraisal, pedagogic experiment) methods. For the first time, the objective and subjective factors have been revealed and systemized, which can influence the development and subsequent implementation of subject experience of teachers in humanitarian education under conditions of metropolis. With consideration for highlighted scientifically substantiated meaningful components of subject experience, the model has been developed to support ALM by teachers depending on the level of formation of subject position of a teacher. During the performed pedagogical experiment the efficiency of different variants of the recommended model of pedagogical support during ALM selection has been determined.