Possibilities of theatrical pedagogy in solving problems of social sphere

Hana Strejčková (Czech Republic)

In my article I focus on the connection between the artistic and social spheres, the transcendence of art education into therapy and I will briefly mention the structure of art education with a focus on theatrical pedagogy in the Czech Republic. I divided the article into theatrical pedagogy in practice for younger school age, teenage and youth, adults and seniors, and the following areas: a) Theatrical pedagogy in the structure of the Czech educational system and as a part of leisure activities and Drama education as a subject for future teachers. In this part I shortly present what drama education / theatrical pedagogy in the Czech school system means and I draw the introduction on the studies and ideas of prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Provazník, who leads the Department of Drama in Education at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; b) The potential of nonverbal theatre techniques in communication with specific groups and theatre pedagogy in the context of integration and inclusion; c) Pedagogy of substitute subjects – performativity of objects. In this section I present a personal description of one five-year cycle with “object workshops” – drama education: empirical research, comparison, development of methodology of working with the subject in the context of drama education.