Professional standards for training of teachers to ensure the quality of education in a city

Nataliya Nikolayeva (Russia), Nikolay Mikhaylov (Russia), Svetlana Semenova (Russia), Elvira Mikhaylova (Russia), Yelena Derevleva (Russia)

The conducted research has allowed identifying the main contradictions between educational and professional standards in the field of training of teachers and determining the most vulnerable links in ensuring a systematic approach to the organization of the educational process. The conducted analysis has resulted in a scientific justification of the necessary changes and reconciliations in educational and professional standards to update them and improve the quality of training of specialists in the teaching sector. An earlier analysis of federal educational standards has shown that changes in the content of competencies were aimed at implementing education as a service rather than a pedagogical process. This makes it difficult for the teaching staff to educate the younger generation of teachers in the traditional paradigm of national education. However, the latest generation of Federal State Educational Standards (FSES) indicates the need to take into account the requirements of professional standards that correspond to the professional activities of graduates. Besides, clause 3.5 of the FSES 3++ specifies the right of an educational organization “not to include professional competencies determined independently if there are mandatory professional competencies, as well as if the recommended professional competencies are included in the bachelor's program” (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of December 4, 2015 No. 1426). There is an evident discrepancy of requirements of the FSES of the last generation in terms of the scope of professional competences and the need to take into account these requirements to ensure teacher’s actions, presented in the professional standards, aimed at performing official duties by the teacher that allows considering the problem of compliance with the requirements proposed in the FSES and in professional standards of teachers to be very relevant. The research purpose is to conduct a comparative analysis of the requirements stated in the FSES and professional standards of teachers in the national education system.