The Third Annual International Symposium
«Education and City: education and quality
of living in the city»
24-26 August, 2020
The 3rd International Symposium is dedicated to education and quality of living in the city. The discussion will focus on the current attitudes towards education quality and the impact of education on improving the quality of life in the city.

The key objective of the Symposium is integration of best international and Russian practices of promoting mutual development and cooperation between cities and universities.

Working languages: Russian, English.
Topics for Discussion
evaluation and development
of educational environment of the city
evaluation and development
of education quality
development of educational
potential of the city
development of human resources
in humanities
media space and digital technologies
in education
Co-organizers of the Symposium are Moscow City University (Russia), Dublin City University (Ireland) and University of Taipei (Taiwan). Center for Evaluation, Quality & Inspection is the special guest of the Symposium.
Organizing committee
Technical committee
Collection of articles (Web of Science) will be published after symposium.
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Collection of articles (WoS)
Publication requirements
Annually we publish the collection of Symposium articles.

Following the Symposium, a collection of articles is published. The articles provide statistical data, analytical information, practical advice, conceptual solutions and examples of successful projects, etc. The collection of articles will be useful for teaching staff and professorship, specialists, students and
a wider audience — everyone who wants to be informed of
the newest city trends and education development.

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